Midnight Planetarium timepiece

Renown house when it comes to high criteria in quality and design, made “Complication Poétique Midnight Planétarium” collection, which bring us interesting models thus making an excellent reflection upon the collection name.
Watch is consisted of 396 separate pieces and enables us observation of 6 planetary movements within our solar system. Each planet is made of individual precious stones of high quality to match up with its own representation. Planets are set on discs which are not visible on sight and have different speed levels – keeping up with their movement around the sun in real time.
You can choose a day as your lucky day and then rotate the bezel until the red pointer is aligned with that day on the graduated calendar. When the day arrives, the Earth symbol (the blue sphere) will be directly underneath the star that is outlined on the watch’s crystal.
The case is 44 mm in diameter and made of rose gold.

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Christian Dior

He was born in Normandy, city of Grandville in family of manure merchants. He studied international relations and diplomacy, by his parent’s wish, who had hopes of him becoming diplomat. In 1920s he attended school of political sciences, prior to opening of his art gallery in 1925. Dior family, wealth status lost in mid late 1920s and Christian had to close his art gallery. Ten years past that period he collaborated and worked with various French designers. After 1946 with help of textile mogul Marcel Bosaka he established in Paris fashion house. In 12 years he managed to expand his business in 15 countries and employ more than 2.000 people.
Dior is famous amongst all other things by “New Look” which he promoted in 1947. In his creations – the feminine attribute is on peek. This style represented revolution in feminine clothing which allow Paris to once again reestablish itself as a capitol of world fashion. Mark Christian Dior became synonym for classic elegancy.

Dior is still one of the most powerful fashion houses in the world  but now owned by LVMH.

Here are some Dior magic moments  from beginning till nowadays.

























Weerapong Chaipuck

Weerapong Chaipuck was a Thai photographer who was rightly called a master of low light and long exposures. His series of photographs depicting the enchanting Asian landscapes – witness the incredible sight of Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai nature. Sometimes harsh, sometimes serene, at certain moments heated under the sky colored in red, but always unique and rich. He documents the diversity of Asian cultures and the unbreakable bond between man and nature…











Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier ( 1926-2009)  was a street photographer who always kept her camera close, much like an extension of her artistic mind and body. She took more than 100,000 photography’s while travelling, capturing streets, kids, people – life and its precious moments. Her photography’s were not discovered until 2007, mostly because of her introvert life. Her art was discovered by accident, John Maloof (historian and collector) found it in her apartment for life. After John Maloofs contribution, her photography’s travelled the world and she was recognized in an instant as a truly gifted photographer. He never had a chance to meet her, as much as she never had a chance to know how much her art was appreciated – she devoted her whole life to photography and used to work as a nanny.

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Get softer hands and healthy nails

Hands relaxing

After long winter period, our skin is dehydrated and dry, and the part that is most exposed are our hands. Coldness also make nails more breakable . Here are two things you can do for your hands and nails – quickly an easy.

Soft  hands

In a bowl, pour a liter of warm full-fat milk, stir one tablespoon of honey and soak hands in this mixture for about 15 minutes, gently massaging them.
Before this treatment, wash your hands.
After treatment, gently dry your hands and apply olive oil.

This treatment will nourish the skin with vitamins A and E, which maintain youthful looking skin. Milk fat and honey will moisture it – minerals and enzymes will provide the softness for your skin.


Make your nails healthy and strong

For nails that break easily, prepare a combination of olive and castor oils, that have been gently warmed on low heat. Soak your nails in the oil and hold for 15 minutes – repeat this treatment every day. For stronger nails you will need patience, because it takes a minimum of 3 months to regenerate.

Get rid of dark circles naturally


Dark circles make us look tired and make up can be real messy if we do not conceal them well.

First thing to do as a preventive to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables makes a suitable combination for prevention. Vitamin C will make your skin healthier overall and especially alleviating the circles under eyes, and the most important thing to do – is to get enough sleep.

Here are some tips you can try out in order to naturally reduce them:

Cucumber & honey mask


You will need half a cucumber and one teaspoon of honey.

Once the cucumber is peeled and seeds are removed, grate it and add one teaspoon of honey.

Put a thin layer of gauze over your eyes and on top of it – mask you have prepared and let it rest for approximately 30 minutes.

Green tea


If you are in a hurry, you can prepare green tea using two filter bags. When they are cooled off and having a body temperature, you can put them on your eyes for a while.

Coconut oil


In addition, coconut oil is also great for reducing black circles – apply a bit over your eyes before going to sleep and after a few weeks you should notice a great improvement.

P.S.  The way you apply concealer can improw situation.Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in triangle shape, you should concentrate in applying less to the corners and more in the middle.